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Cancer is derived from the Latin word “crab”. It literally means crab. This is the first Hippocratic description made. The reason for giving this word to the disease is that the malignant spreading in the diseased area jumped to other organs.

Briefly describing cancer; a certain population of cells elsewhere in the body differs from other cell groups in an excessive and unbalanced manner. Under normal conditions, the recruitment and proliferation of each cell community is in a major context. That is, each cell has a number of divisions. Due to the excessive and unbalanced reproduction of tissue cells in which the cancer is found, the organ it is connected to can not function properly in a healthy manner. Excessive and unstable cleavage (proliferation) in the cell gives rise to the formation of cancerous masses called tumours after a certain period of time. Tumour is the cancerous tissue in which the cancer is called the Ugandan. For example; lung cancer, breast cancer and so on. It will not be evident by the abnormal proliferation of a cell for cancer detection. 2 trillion cells should proliferate in an unsteady manner to reach approximately 2 cm in diameter. In other words, trillions of unstable cell groups have to be found together for the detection of the cancerous region.




 We study cancer types in two groups. These are good-natured cancers. This type of cancer is usually a type of cancer that remains within the tissue and does not spread to other organs. Generally, benign cancer is very slow, and once the cancerous tissue is removed, the risk of recurrent cancer in that area is very low. For example; polyps, cysts, and benches are among these types of cancer.

Another type of cancer is malignant cancer. Benign cancer is more likely to spread to other organs without staying within the boundaries of tissue they are formed from. Division and multiplication rates are much faster than benign cancers. The genetic makeup of the cells in this type of cancer is completely disrupted. Malignant cancer can easily be distinguished from a cancer-free tissue.



The cause of cancer formation is not known precisely. The formation of cancer can vary according to age, sex, and lifestyle. It is the environmental factors which trigger the actual formation of cancer. Of course, of course, we are in a nutritional way. Especially today, too much consumption of additives has triggered cancer. Smoking and alcohol intake are also environmental factors. Smoking, in particular, leads to the formation of lung cancer. Apart from these, intensive exposure to x-rays, air and water pollution, malignant environmental viruses that trigger cancer, radiation and sunlight harmful lights trigger cancer formation to a large extent.

The most common types of cancer are; breast, prostate, lung, large intestine, stomach and cervix cancer.



As long as you are afraid of cancer, you can treat it and even refuse to go to a doctor. This will cause the cancerous area to grow further, as it will delay the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Otherwise, anyone who learns that he has cancer will fall into a psychological depression if he can not overcome his fear. The person with cancer should keep morale and psychology well before anything else. Because these are the first things that must be in place to defeat this illness. For this reason, you must first defeat your fear. You must hold on to life more firmly and make yourself convinced of your cancer. You should not go into psychological depression any more, thinking that you will lose your loved ones continuously and that you will die. If you do not know that you are cancerous, then you must continue with your life. You can even make your life different. Do not forget to beat cancer in your hands. With a healthy life expectancy.

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