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Cancer Statements

Cancer is generally referred to as the cell group in the body multiplying and becoming uncontrolled. Normally, cells need to grow in certain sizes and quantities. If these cells of the lacunae grow abnormally and multiply very rapidly, this will lead to the formation of a harmful mass called the tumour. The names of these abnormal cells differ according to the body regions. Kidney cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer. Finding cancerous tumour cells requires long analyzes and observations. If a tumour is found and the cancer is suspected, cell counting is done.

In general, if 1 trillion cells are detected, the condition is probably cancer. Cancers are classified according to their body regions, but the important thing is that they are classified according to the cell and each cell is different. Leukaemia is the classification of this cell in sarcoma lymphoma and carcinoma. Correct stomach sarcoma is pulmonary lymphoma. The formation of cancer may not be immediately apparent step by step as the cell first grows abnormally. Genetic changes that are linked to DNA in the cell occur. Genetic changes will grow your body and slowly bring you to cancer. Because of the difference in genetic properties, cancer occurs either very slowly or very quickly. If you ask what is cancer, you can not find a single definition.

kanser nedir KANSER NEDİR ?

We can best describe the description of cancer as the whole harmful phase. The first stage is regional cancer in the early stages of the cancer cells can be distinguished from normal cells and does not spread awareness You are very lucky if you can get rid of this stage because of the cancer aldırıp. In the second stage, the cell grows and proliferates, causing this proliferation to spread and spread to the tissues. In the third phase, cancer spreads to the surrounding area. In the fourth and final phase, cancer spreads throughout the body and the body begins to break resistance. The process of cancer formation is a very challenging process. Treatment in stage 1 is certainly possible. Cancer does not go through hereditary in 90 out of 100. Cancer is a genetic disease called cancer will be the first one from the family is not something he said is important that your genes are generally similar to whom.

  • What are Cancer Symptoms?

Cancer statements are too high. Having a few of the symptoms of cancer does not mean you have cancer. First of all the kilograms given at once. High fever is a symptom seen in the advanced stages of cancer. Pain is a sign of cancer in your body. Weakness. Changes that occur in our skin. The blood that came from the mouth when we stopped. Diarrhoea or constipation, in short, changes in your toilet habit. Cancer is among the indications of an endless cough. The injuries and skin rashes in your body. Swelling and vomiting in your body. The wounds that occur in the mouth are all cancer indications.

  • Factors Increasing Cancer Riskin:

There are many factors that increase cancer risk. Smoking definitely causes lung cancer. Every cigarette that you smoke damages the lung cells and causes a blockage. The number of cigarettes you smoke and the years that make a difference in general, smoking cigarettes generally prevent lung cancer. Be careful not to be passive smokers If you are a smoker and you do not want to be cancer, go away. Air pollution also causes cancer. There are some occupations with risk of cancer miners textile insulation and shipyard workers petrochemistry chimney sweepers plastic industry workers mine and welding workers bleachers glass ceramic linoleum and battery workers paint foundry steelworkers are definitely at risk.

  • Ways to Avoid Cancer:

The ways of protection from cancer generally; Alcohol consuming cancer risk is quite an upset stomach cancer and mouth cancer. Drink little or no alcohol. You need to protect yourself from infections.

If the infections are not prevented, the time will come when the infections occur. Healthy eating reduces cancer risk. It is necessary to consume natural and organic products. You need to drink 2.5 litres of water a day and cook meat. It is very important to play sports if you want to be protected from cancer. Watch your weight balance. Stress is a very important thing to enter. It is the head of cancer and many diseases. In addition, the way of getting rid of cancer is not to be stressed to a great extent and to be comfortable. Cancer virus must be aware of all of us and the measures against. Make sure you do not have cancer if you are stranded away and consciously alive.

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