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Lung Cancer Surgery is an operation to take the cancerous cell in the lung. If this disease is not spreading (metastasis) in the 1st or 2nd stage, it is done by removing the tumour and lymph nodes. However, surgical intervention method may not be performed because of tumour size or patient’s health status.

If you ask what are the other operations that can be done to lung cancer, we can explain;

Chemotherapy Method:

It is the process of killing cancer cells by applying drugs to cancer cells. It consists of multiple drugs. The number of drugs is given as a cure. It is applied in 2 or 3 weeks periods.


Radiotherapy Beam Therapy Method:

It is the application of high-energy light to kill cancer cells and shrink a tumour. It is used to kill the remaining cells and spread cells after surgical intervention. It is only applied to tumour cells as it will damage the healthy tissues. Loss of appetite causes loss of appetite such as nausea.

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Lung Cancer Life Time:

The duration of life is directly proportional to the stage of the disease and the stage at which it was diagnosed. Early diagnosis and treatment are vital. Early Diagnosis Saves You Life!

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