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What is cancer?

Cancer in general, the group of cells in the body by increasing the control is called uncontrolled. Normally, cells have to grow in certain sizes and amounts. However, if these cells grow abnormally and multiply rapidly, this leads to the formation of harmful tumours called tumours. The names of these abnormal cells differ according to the body regions. Kidney cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer. Finding the cancerous tumour cell requires long analyzes and observations. If a tumour is found and the cancer is suspected, the cell count is performed.

Generally, if 1 trillion cells were detected, the condition is probably cancer. The cancers are classified according to the body parts, but it is important to classify them according to the cell and each of them is different. Leukaemia is the classification of these cells by sarcoma lymphoma and carcinoma. The right stomach sarcoma is lung lymphoma. The formation of cancer may not be apparent immediately step by step the cell grows abnormally first. DNA-linked genetic changes occur in the cell. Genetic changes lead to the growth of the cell and you slowly move to cancer. Due to the difference in genetic characteristics, the cancer is either very slow or there is no middle of it. If you ask what cancer is, you will not find a single definition.

is cancer What is cancer?

We can best call you the description of cancer as a series of harmful stages. First stage cancer cells can be differentiated from normal cells in the first stage of cancer is localized and you do not show spread in this phase, you are very lucky because you can get rid of cancer. In the second stage, the cell grows and multiplies and this proliferation causes spread and spreads to the tissues. In the third phase, cancer is spreading to the surrounding areas. In the fourth and last stage, cancer spreads throughout the body and the body resistance begins to break. The process of developing cancer is a very difficult process. Treatment in the first stage is certainly possible. Cancer is not hereditary with a ratio of 90 to 100. Cancer is a genetic disease, there is no such thing as one of the families of cancer.

  • What are the symptoms of cancer?

There are a lot of cancer symptoms. Having some of the symptoms of cancer does not mean you have cancer. First of all, weights are given. High fever is a symptom seen in the later stages of cancer. Pain is a symptom of cancer that causes much pain in your body. Fatigue. Changes in our skin. Blood from the mouth. Diarrhoea or constipation, in short, changes in your toilet habit. It is among the symptoms of cancer in endless coughs. Wounds and skin spill on your body. Your body swelling and vomiting. Wounds in the mouth are all signs of cancer.

  • Factors Increasing Cancer Risk:

There are many factors that increase the risk of cancer. Smoking definitely causes lung cancer. Every cigarette smoke you take is damaging the lung cells and blocking. The number of cigarettes you smoke and the years that make a difference in the situation generally prevent smoking from lung cancer in general. Be careful not to be a massive drinker. Air pollution also causes cancer. There are some professions that are at risk of cancer miners textile insulation and shipyard workers petrochemical chimney sweepers plastic industry workers mine and welding workers bleach manufacturers glass ceramic linoleum and battery workers paint foundry steelworkers are definitely at risk.

  • Ways to Prevent Cancer:

In general, the ways of protection from cancer; Alcohol consumes stomach cancer and mouth cancer, which increases the risk of cancer considerably. Do not drink alcohol at all or with little. Need to be protected from infections.

The resulting infections can occur if the measures are not taken. Healthy eating reduces the risk of cancer. You should consume natural and organic products. 2.5 litres of water per day to drink and cooked meats are required. Doing sports is very important if you want to be protected from cancer. Pay attention to your weight balance. Not to stress is very important. Cancer and many diseases are stress. In addition, the way to get rid of cancer is not to stress and to be comfortable. We all need to be conscious and prevent against the cancer virus. Make sure you don’t have cancer if you live away from stress and are conscious.

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